What they’re saying about moo Money:

Overman’s Blog, “Live” Theatre, moo Money, and the Pope, May 2006

Fans of machinima-themed audio blogs (besides this one, of course) might find Machinimoo’s foray into the genre a quick and interesting listen. “moo Money” is the Community Manager of Alt-Zoom Studios (Second Life), and I think she does a great job and has a very nice voice for this kind of thing. She talks a bit about the Take5 Machinima Festival in Second Life, which has some very nice prizes (in Lindens, of course)., Second Life’s Must-Have Stuff, October 2006

Second Life residents are making in-world movies — called “machinima” — using the wide variety of locations in the 3-D world, as well as on their own virtual movie sets built in world. For smooth camera work and easier retakes, the Alt-Zoom camera (SLurl) is free, part of the Machinima StarterKit available in Lukanida (SLurl). Creator BuhBuhCuh Fairchild, aka Ben Linden (Second Life employees take the last name of Linden), was so enthusiastic about the art he hired his own part-time employee, moo Money, to help run the Take5 Machinima Festival.

Reuters Second Life, The Grid Review brings animated newscasts to Second Life, December 2006

Second Life received its own version of the nightly news this week with the launch of The Grid Review, a machinima news blog run by veteran directors moo Money (below) and Nylon Pinkney, which promises to run content ranging from “Peter Jennings to Jon Stewart.”

More than 100 Second Life residents bear the “Edelman” surname. The company’s clients include Microsoft and General Motors. Money — in real life Sasha Rudie of Waco, Texas — said in a Second Life interview that she would cover other Edelman initiatives “if it involves the community and interests me, possibly, but I’d disclose. I’m also able to cover competitors’ projects too.”

Communication Overtones, Second Thursday Invitation: Video in the Virtual World, February 2007

One of the most difficult things for marketers and public relations professionals that are interested in exploring virtual environments, such as Second Life, to enhance their brand, is figuring out what channels of communication work in these environments. Machinima, which is basically a video created in real time in a virtual environment, is one of these channels.

This month, Second Thursday in Second Life participants will meet at Alt-Zoom studios with Moo Money, a well-known macinima promoter and creator in Second Life. She will talk about how machinima is used to promote products and services in Second Life through such venues as YouTube and blogs, as well as in SL itself.

Mobil Avenue, Global Kids Digital Media Initiative, April 2007

There are some really exciting projects on the SL Teen Grid. One such initiative is the Global Kids Digital Media Initiative. While much of their creativity happens in-world out of sight and sound of the majority of SL residents moo Money recently gave us a preview. Global Kids islands consist of a gaming island and machinima island either side of their main island. The quality of builds are as good as you’ll find anywhere on the main grid. Great to see moo Money back doing what she does best.

Global Kids, Moo Out in the Blogosphere, April 2007

While we look forward to Moo Money blogging here about her activities on GK Island, she has been blogging elsewhere, and others are noticing. Here is a short blog report on Moo’s involvement with GK Island and highlights her recent video tour of our islands.

Read the post here.




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