It has occurred to me that I have no contact info on my blog, so here it is!

  • machinimoo at
  • moomoney on Skype
  • 254-230-1444
  • moomoneySL on AIM
  • sasharudie on YIM

Please note that if you are contacting me on any of these mediums, please state your purpose. I receive a lot of messages from people just wanting to chat and it’s sometimes difficult to wade through them all. I would like to provide help to you as quickly as I can!


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Mike Moran says:

    My machinima video for the Bazooka Joe gum contest was featured on their blog. As far as I know, it is the only machinima film and obviously the only one from Second Life. I’d love to see more machinima aimed at company contests looking for consumer generated content.

  2. hey moo,

    Your the best and thanks for the machinima advice the other day on the phone, also I contacted Ben and more than likely we will be doing some work with him here in the near future.

    One question i have and maybe you might be able to help me, I was wondering what program do you use to animate avatars lips? So when they talk it seems more real.

    with appreciation,
    Shekinah Fimicoloud

  3. Hey Moo,

    I think you are responsible for the video on Wow-insider. I’m very excited about it- and thanks.

    I reuploaded the video with a small change. (so it doesnt work on the site)

    the link is–

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