Sasha Rudie, under the pseudonym moo Money, was hired as the Community Manager of Alt-Zoom Studios, a non-profit organization centering around Machinima, within the virtual world of Second Life in May 2006. Since she began, the Take5 Machinima Festival, a virtual Machinima festival run by Alt-Zoom Studios, has grown from two Machinima productions to over 20 Machinima productions submitted by residents every month.

She dedicates most of her time to educating SL residents about Machinima. In addition to her work on the Main Grid, moo also teaches Machinima on the Teen Grid as Machinima Guru. She helped lead a discussion on Machinima at the Second Life Community Convention in August 2006, as well as assisted a successful real-life Machinima Festival during the Convention. This led her to moderate a panel on Machinima from a Professional Standpoint at the AMAS Machinima Festival in November 06.

From December 2006 to February 2007, Sasha worked with Edelman and The Electric Sheep Company on the Machinima news program, The Grid Review. Since then, moo has been writing for Second Life Insider, a Weblogs Inc. blog, and planning the Machinima track for the Second Life Community Convention, taking place in Chicago in August of 2007 this year. In her previous online life, Ms. Rudie was a volunteer employee of Stratics as an online journalist. She reported on such games as Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and The Sims Online.


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